As the year draws to a close, all of the major home entertainment equipment manufacturers have long since released their core hardware lines and all of the features that come with it. In the months since CES 2018, retailers and customers have had the opportunity to learn more about the features Samsung, Sony, and other manufacturers have provided this year.

We’ll look at Samsung’s ‘Ambient Mode,’ which isn’t to be confused with ‘Ambient Display,’ which is featured on many of the company’s leading smartphones, and provides more than just one or two reasons (if any more were required) to leave your Samsung TV on for longer.
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We hear you ask, “What precisely is Ambient Mode?” So, here’s how it works.

For a long time, the emphasis has been on what a television screen can achieve in terms of visual quality and high-definition image representation. While these features are certainly crucial in any modern set, Samsung has gone above and above with this one.

Samsung’s 2018 QLED models include Ambient mode, which is a game-changer in terms of what your TV can do for you while you’re not watching it directly. It’s a “no more dark screens” situation.

Getting Involved

To begin with, if you want your QLED TV to literally blend in with its surroundings, you may employ a brilliant function that transforms it into a chameleon. The innovative software programme inside the TV creates an image that matches the wall behind it, leaving it practically invisible, apart from the outer bezel, by snapping an image of the TV and its surrounding area with a Samsung smart phone via the SmartThings app.

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Many owners of models like the Samsung QE55Q9FN QLED TV, for example, will be justifiably proud of their investment and don’t want it to blend into the background where no one can see it. Displaying photo albums, fantastic looking digital clocks, and even moving mountain scapes that alter to match what’s going on with the local weather are all options for the well titled ‘Ambient’ setting.
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Its makers claim that it is the ideal way to connect your home to the outside world, and based on what we’ve seen of the feature, we tend to agree.

The Finishing Touch

Remember, Ambient Mode is only one of the many reasons why the 2018 Samsung QLED TVs are among the greatest and most high-performing models in the business. Come see for yourself why blacker blacks, more dramatic colour, the greatest sound, and more interactive features have never been squeezed onto a single screen.